Tv Shows📺
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Tv Shows📺

Tv Shows📺

GuHu is interested in creating shows and producing episodes of informative news. We are looking for volunteers who are interested in helping create a show whether they like directing, writing, recording, lighting, acting, or just being apart of a production.

Hu Knu

GuHu’s current initiative is to create an interview style show to keep students up to date on what is happening around the school.


In the past, GuHu released GHTV which allowed collaboration and skill-building. It combined entertainment with current events. GHTV is a student run broadcast talking about events.

GHTV’s Future

Currently, GHTV is preparing to release episodes for 2021.

This GHTV looks a little different: think GH-QuaranTV.

We are coming together to show that creativity allows us to work through new ways to bring GHTV back.

Stay tuned for new episodes.

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