✨Old Hollywood Photoshoot!
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✨Old Hollywood Photoshoot!

✨Old Hollywood Photoshoot!

Lights, camera, action

Silk gloves, pearl necklace, and roses.

Roll out the red carpet…

We are taking it back to classic, old Hollywood in this photoshoot. The photoshoot was a great way for both photographers and models to see creations come to life with props and lighting. Sometimes it is nice to glam up for no reason. If you have a fancy dress you never wear, or perhaps an old prom dress collecting dust, this is your chance to get more use out of it. Let’s imagine a time with formal dress wear, and high-class elegance through these series.

“I think the shoot went very, very, very well! I especially enjoyed the simple touches like the roses, the pearl necklace and they threw the rose petals mid-shot which added great flair and style to all the shots. The photographers did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see all the shots!”

-Parvish, Old Hollywood Model.

It can be nice to get dressed up just for the sake of dressing up.

Thank you to all those who helped this classic Hollywood image come to life.

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