🎞️GuHu’s 5th Annual Film Festival🎞️
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🎞️GuHu’s 5th Annual Film Festival🎞️

🎞️GuHu’s 5th Annual Film Festival🎞️

A celebration of storytelling

“I think of stories as more than just communication, I think of them as scaffolding or building blocks for our entire lives.”

-Kathy, Media Studies Program Head.

Come together to showcase the talents and skills of the University of Guelph-Humber’s students.. An interactive festival with a Peoples Choice Award, and other awards like Best Cinematography and Best Editing. There is delicious catering and props for a photo booth. Don’t forget to come celebrate each others work or submit your own film next year.

We are grateful to everyone who helped make this event possible. To the volunteers, professors and staff, GuHu executives, and students who submitted films: thank you! Hope to see you all for next years Annual Film Festival.

That’s a wrap!

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